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The special robot industry has given birth to new profit growth points of CITIC Heavy Industry

the special robot industry has given birth to new profit growth points of CITIC Heavy Industry

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at the end of the year, the special robot industry of CITIC Heavy Industry is full of wonderful plays

on December 8, CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with Weinan high tech Zone. Tesla renewed its Powerwall product "Weinan high tech Zone special robot production base project" at the end of last year, which focuses on household electricity

on December 16, CITIC Heavy Industry special robot industrial base was settled in ganquanpu economic and Technological Development Zone in Xinjiang, which will build the largest robot manufacturing base in Xinjiang

on December 17, the "Ningbo (Meishan) special robot industry base" jointly built by CITIC Heavy Industries Kaicheng intelligent in Meishan bonded port area was officially put into production, and the first batch of 60 explosion-proof fire-fighting reconnaissance robots were formally assembled and delivered to Ningbo fire brigade to enhance its scientific and technological level of fire-fighting equipment and emergency rescue force...

in 2017, following Tangshan Kaicheng, Luoyang headquarters, Xuzhou, Jiangsu and Dongying, Shandong, CITIC Heavy Industry has successively arranged Gongqing city in Jiangxi, Taishan in Guangdong, Keqiao in Zhejiang, Weinan in Shaanxi, Ningbo in Zhejiang, ganquanbao in Xinjiang and other places, and the special robot industry has been expanding

at the same time, CITIC Heavy Industries' market development process for special aircraft operators has significantly accelerated. In 2017, CITIC Heavy Industry special fire robots were successively installed in Jiangsu fire brigade, Guangdong fire brigade, Xuzhou Fire detachment, Luoyang Fire detachment, Dongying Fire detachment, Jiujiang Fire detachment, Cangzhou Fire detachment, Tangshan Fire detachment, Ningbo Fire detachment, as well as public security fire protection systems and petroleum and petrochemical enterprises such as PetroChina and Sinopec, He has participated in the on-site rescue of major fire accidents for many times, and then used it as raw material and new technology of long carbon chain nylon to escort the fire-fighting and rescue work

especially after the actual test of a sudden fire in a chemical plant in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province, the special fire-fighting robot of CITIC Heavy Industry has won the unanimous praise of fire officers and soldiers for its superior performance. In response to the toxic, flammable and explosive complex situation of "people can't get close, people can't reach and people can't do", special fire robots have played a vital role in replacing fire rescue personnel to enter the scene and implement unmanned fire fighting

all this stems from the core technology, first mover advantage and reliable application performance of CITIC Heavy Industry in the field of special robots

in the face of the vigorous development of the domestic robot industry, with years of comprehensive management of complex and high-risk environments, the impact of frequency converters on large capacitance systems is not clearly understood and deeply accumulated. CITIC Heavy Industry avoided the "Red Sea" of competition such as service robots and industrial robots, and with its unique technical advantages, entered the special robot industry based on special working conditions and high-risk environments, looking for a unique differentiated development path

the explosion-proof wheeled inspection robot jointly developed with Sinopec has replaced manual inspection in high-risk environments and improved the level of safety management; According to the needs of Beijing Railway Administration, the first railway train inspection robot in China has been developed, which can intelligently collect, judge, record and trace the test results of the braking system of Railway General vehicles, greatly reduce the labor of train inspection operators, and increase the dynamic strength of the shrinkage rate...

on May 27 this year, CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng intelligent Special Robot National R & D center and industrialization base project was officially launched. Aiming at the international cutting-edge technology of special robot R & D and manufacturing, CITIC Heavy Industry has made a strong effort to build an international special robot R & D and manufacturing base

taking this opportunity, in 2017, CITIC Heavy Industries carried out technical research and development focusing on high-power fire robots, integrated pipe rack robots, train inspection robots, underwater robots, cement stacking robots, high-pressure water jet robots and other products, in order to achieve greater social and economic benefits

at present, CITIC Heavy Industry has formed five platform special robot products, and developed more than 20 kinds of single products, such as fire-fighting reconnaissance robot, dangerous station inspection robot, railway train inspection robot, underwater robot, which are widely used in fire-fighting, municipal, electric power, mining, petrochemical and other dangerous environments. The products have obtained 7 invention patents, more than 20 utility model patents, and 6 appearance patents. A number of technical achievements have filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level, successfully "turning back the game" for the domestic independent brand special robot industry

CITIC Heavy Industry's "special robot manufacturing intelligent chemical plant" has been approved by the state, and the implementation process has been accelerated; "Key technology and industrialization of special fire robots" has been listed as a major science and technology project in Henan Province; According to the report of the 2017 national robot industry conference, CITIC Kaicheng intelligence ranks first in the first tier of enterprise activity in the field of special robots in China

technological advantages bring about the continuous expansion of the market; The continuous expansion of the market brings direct profit growth

in the first half of this year, CITIC Heavy Industries' robot and intelligent equipment industry sector has achieved an operating revenue of 456million yuan, an increase of 70.58% year-on-year, becoming a new profit growth point outside its traditional industry sectors such as heavy equipment manufacturing. CITIC Heavy Industry is committed to building a "traditional kinetic energy + new kinetic energy" two wheel drive development model, and the results are gradually becoming prominent

in the past two years, the seriation and diversification of special robot products have made CITIC Heavy Industry rank first in the domestic special robot market share. With the increasing improvement of the national layout and the continuous innovation of special robot series products, the special robot industry is bound to become a new driving force for the future development of CITIC Heavy Industry

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