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Ti introduces the industry's lowest power consumption 250 MSPs 14 bit

recently, Ti announced the introduction of the latest high-speed analog-to-digital converter, which greatly reduces the first solution of the interference converter (ADC) series composed of peak currents caused by the transient conduction and disconnection of current loads. It can achieve ultra-low power consumption and excellent dynamic performance in the entire signal bandwidth from DC to 550MHz. This 14 bit ads4149 () has the highest sampling rate of 250 megabits per second (MSPs), which can improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) by 3dB and sharply reduce the power consumption by 30% compared with the low-power ADC with the closest performance. This perfect combination of low power consumption and high performance can not only make measurement, testing and communication applications have wider coverage and stronger sensitivity, but also achieve higher efficiency and density. For more details and sample applications, please visit:

art George, senior vice president of Ti in charge of high-performance simulation business, pointed out: "High bandwidth application designers are currently facing serious challenges. They not only need to achieve a more efficient, compact and portable system, but also need to meet the highest performance specifications. It is expected to pilot organic kitchen collection in Jilin Province. The latest series of ADC is not only a model of low power consumption, but also help designers create a higher density, smaller and compact system, which can significantly extend the service life of radio broadcasting and testing equipment Battery life. "

main features and advantages of ads4149

-- ads4149 consumes only 275mw per channel at 250msps, and the SNR is 72.5db at 100MHz. Dynamic power adjustment can reduce the power consumption to 215 MW when the sampling rate is 160msps

-- the optional buffered analog input can not only provide constant input impedance at various times and frequencies, but also

eliminate the sample and hold kickback pulse, so as to significantly simplify the input matching between the passive and the analog front-end with

source, and greatly reduce the bandpass ripple at the same time

-- 1 to 6dB programmable gain option allows customers to flexibly choose between SNR and spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) with low input voltage swing

-- ads4149 series includes pin compatible 12 bit and 14 bit optional versions of

books and buffer devices with speeds of 160 and 250msps, so that customers can easily achieve lower resolution and

sampling rate without changing their core design

-- the upgrade path of ads6149 enables customers to adopt the option of low power consumption

-- Ti tsw1200 digital acquisition tool helps to quickly analyze ads4149 evaluation board. The existing high-speed integrated

connector (HSMC) and FPGA integrated connector (FMC) make the ads4149 evaluation board perfectly match the fpg1 sensor a

evaluation board, so as to realize system level prototype design and accelerate the development process

with the following complete signal chain, customers can further accelerate the listing process of software radio and test equipment, including: dual channel 16 bit 1gsps digital to analog converter (dac5682z), broadband full differential amplifier (ths4509), programmable digital up/down converter (gc5016), digital predistortion solution with peak coefficient reduction (gc5325), direct quadrature modulator (trf3703), frequency synthesizer (trf3761) Low jitter clock generator and synchronous or zero position changers (cdce62005 and cdce72010) and high-performance DSP (tms320c6472), etc

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