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Ti introduces innovative digital power supply products recently, Ti announced the introduction of innovative digital power supply products, which can not only significantly enhance the performance of today's power supply system, but also significantly extend its service life. Ti presented a series of fusiondigitalpower? The solution shows that the digital control power supply system can achieve higher performance and design flexibility at a very competitive low cost

Hansstork, chief technology officer of Ti and keynote speaker of APEC, said, "power conversion and management complexity pose increasingly severe challenges to system developers. Combining the leading digital and analog functions achieved by technological progress is the natural meaning of our power solution products to move forward."

turn the 10 point key source of electrical 3D printing materials into intelligent digital power supply system

many analog power supply systems can effectively monitor the power supply to meet the requirements of today's electronics for coherent technical parameter systems. However, power system designers are facing increasing pressure, and must deal with more complex power requirements, such as managing a wider range of loads, lower output voltages, and a variety of power supply synchronization to achieve higher efficiency. Digital power supply provides intelligent adaptability and flexibility, with the ability to directly monitor, process and adapt to system conditions, and can meet any complex power requirements. In addition, the digital power supply can also ensure continuous system reliability through remote diagnosis, including fault management, overcurrent protection and avoiding shutdown

ti's fusiondigitalpower solution includes ucd9k, ucd8k and ucd7k series auxiliary devices, which support power systems from AC lines to load point applications, including telecommunications facilities, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), computer servers, and data center power systems

ucd9k high-resolution digital power controller with integrated professional power peripherals can not only close one or more feedback loops, but also provide communication and supervision functions. This digital power controller is based on the technology of digital signal processor (DSP) and microcontroller, so it can achieve a pulse width modulation (PWM) resolution of 150 picoseconds. This controller can help to realize complex power conversion in several aspects, including multi-phase control, nonlinear control, load current sharing and fault prediction (these functions are difficult to achieve in fully Analog Applications). Ucd9k product series also has the ability to optimize the power conversion process in terms of system capacity and flexibility within a wide load range, so as to make the power solution more energy-saving

ti recognizes the necessity of optimizing the combination of analog and digital components in digital power supply. Ucd8k and ucd7k devices can provide digital control support by integrating key power management functions that work best in analog circuits. Ucd7k device is a MOSFET Driver, which can easily connect the digital power controller with the power stage, and realize protection and bias power management. Ucd8k controller integrates ucd7k device and numerical control analog PWM controller, which can close the feedback loop

simplify customer design and accelerate product launch process

gregglove, senior vice president of TI's high-performance analog products department, said, "digital power supply is a strategic part of our growing high-performance product line. The performance and flexibility of programmable digital technology are combined with advanced analog power technology for the first time in a product line that fully meets the needs of power systems."

the scalability and reusability of software and peripherals enable devices to optimize specific power systems by changing operating parameters. In addition, various development support tools, such as TI's dspcodecomposerstudio? The integrated development environment and comprehensive digital power management applications refer to the design, and also support integrated digital power products

design flexibility and proven software support enable designers to more quickly develop their power supply solutions based on future applications with digital power control functions, and achieve more intelligent power management communication and performance

more than 20 years of professional technical experience in power management and DSP

Ti has more than 20 years of rich professional technical experience in developing innovative DSP (including tms320f28x? Series digital signal controller ideal for high-performance, closed-loop control applications such as digital power supply). In addition, the company is also in a leading position in the field of high-performance simulation, with strong technological strength and 20 years of professional technical experience in power management, which has laid a solid foundation for Ti to develop future digital power source series products for various AC lines, load point systems and ultimately portable handheld devices

in the past few years, Ti has strengthened its digital control technology in many leading power management products, including Ethernet power supply, dc/dc and battery power monitoring meters. Ti plans to launch a digitally controlled power conversion circuit later this year to support battery powered products such as notebook computers, so as to further expand the scope of its digital power products. In addition, the company will cooperate with leading power supply manufacturers to jointly launch CNC pluggable power modules and adopt new pmbus? Quarter brick power module of communication protocol

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