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This background and situation Tiancheng printing listed 20million new owners

the project information of Beijing Equity Exchange shows that 100% equity of Beijing Tiancheng printing Co., Ltd. held by Beijing zhongdida Investment Management Co., Ltd. has been listed for transfer with superior acoustic performance, electrical performance and chemical resistance performance, and the listing price is 1992.82 million yuan

According to the project information, Beijing Tiancheng printing Co., Ltd. was established on December 25th, 1995 with a registered capital of 5million yuan. The licensed business items are printing, and the general business items are the import and export of goods, agents and technologies; Selling cultural and sports goods and printing equipment; Typing, copying, computer graphic production, etc. In 2011, the total operating income was 56.2396 million yuan and the net profit was 92400 yuan; Recently, in the first August of this year, the operating income was 32.5812 million yuan, and the net profit loss was 2.2247 million yuan. Taking January 31st, 2012 as the benchmark date, the total book value of the assets is 34.6061 million yuan, and the assessed value is 35.21 million yuan, which is welcomed by new and old users by 40000 yuan; The book value of net assets is 19.3219 million yuan, and the assessed value is 19.282 million yuan

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