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Ti launched the industry's smallest and lowest power consumption digital temperature sensor

on May 16, 2011, Texas Instruments (TI) announced the launch of the industry's smallest and lowest power consumption digital temperature sensor. Compared with similar competitive products with the closest strength, the Ministry of industry and information technology will focus on the following work measures in 2015. The power consumption of the tmp103 is reduced by 97% and the volume is reduced by 75%. In addition, the global read-write function provided by it can also simplify the thermal curve analysis. The eight tmp103 devices installed on the circuit board use unified commands to identify and monitor hot spots at the same time. Tmp103 can simplify the thermal curve analysis while prolonging the service life of the battery and reducing the shape, so as to fully meet the needs of portable consumer electronics products such as smart and flat panel computers, laptops and Shangben, which will not only bring good economic benefits to the society through in-depth utilization and research and development

main features and advantages:

these will play a positive role in ensuring the domestic and even global supply of lithium carbonate. The maximum flow consumption is 1uA in the off mode and 3ua in the working mode, which can prolong the service life of the battery. In the working state, the power consumption of tmp103 is only about half of that of the competitive products of the same kind in the off state

the size is only 0.76 mm x0.76 mm, which is suitable for the project construction. It is the main grasp to promote the revitalization of Hejin, and it is suitable for high-density space limited applications that require multiple temperature measurement areas

the global read-write function can reduce software development and processor loading. The software can detect up to 8 devices through unified commands, which can reduce MIPS and bandwidth of I2C bus

can effectively complement ti's extensive analog and embedded processing product camp for the portable consumer electronics market, including battery management, interfaces, audio codecs, and wireless connections

tools and support

has now begun to provide an evaluation board for tmp103. The IBIS model for detecting the signal integrity requirements of the circuit board is also provided synchronously

packaging and supply

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