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Tiangong industrial control focuses on detail and seeks development from reform

Cordia (QDI), formerly the business department of Lenovo Group's main computer motherboard, is one of the world's five major motherboard manufacturers. Due to the need of strategy, QDI business division became a joint venture between Lenovo and Shenzhen Memory Technology Co., Ltd. in 2003. Memory technology is an international top manufacturer of computer memory products. It is also the main memory product supplier and main partner of many world-class famous IT enterprises. It enjoys a high reputation and extensive influence in the industry

Tiangong industrial control, which inherits the excellent lineage of Lenovo and memory technology, will continue the legend of "the perfect masterpiece of computer experts" and become a well-known and respected leading brand in the industrial control industry in the near future

the person in charge of Tiangong industrial control accepted the interview of Zhonghua industrial control

picture introduction: in the middle, Mr. Huang Xihua, director of Tiangong industrial control; Right, miss guofangfang, manager of Tiangong industrial control operation Department

left, China industrial control

iac, tme+sensor 2006 is the first major exhibition after QDI brand switching. At the exhibition site, we saw Tiangong industrial control 3.3pc intelligent electronic tensile testing machine rubber tensile testing machine booth visit, and there was an endless stream of negotiators. Here, I would like to thank Mr. Huang Xihua, director of industrial control business department of Cordia Technology Co., Ltd., for taking time out of his busy schedule to accept the interview of China industrial control

Tiangong industrial control small skills show great achievements

Tiangong industrial control person in charge has on-site communication with key customers

top manufacturers gathered at IAC exhibition. In order to attract audiences, promote new products and technologies, and show brand charm, all manufacturers can really be described as "Eight Immortals cross the sea, and each uses its ability". As IAC's only brand manufacturer specializing in industrial PC and peripheral products, Tiangong industrial control is superior in innate advantages, and professional buyers naturally focus on "Tiangong industrial control"

"water" is a must for human body. When various enterprises distribute exquisite souvenirs, Tiangong industrial control's "timely water" is really popular

According to Director Huang, East China, as the golden area of China's industrial control market, naturally occupies a considerable share in the market of Tiangong industrial control. Due to the unique advantages of "Tiangong industrial control", this exhibition has not only attracted the attention of the industrial control industry, but also will conduct in-depth cooperation with a global well-known enterprise. Director Huang also introduced the advantages of Tiangong industrial control in the industrial control market one by one

1. The cost performance of embedded industrial motherboard is highly respected by the industry. In 2006, in order to cooperate with the smooth switch from "Lenovo Tiangong" to "Tiangong industrial control", Tiangong industrial control held preferential activities for products appreciated by end users during the operation of the original "Lenovo Tiangong" brand, allowing industrial control manufacturers to share with Tiangong industrial control the joy of successfully completing the brand switch

2. Short supply cycle. Within five working days after the customer places the order, Tiangong industrial control can deliver the OEM products that can meet the customer's needs. Even if the OEM services in small batches are provided, Tiangong industrial control also makes the customer satisfied

3. Promote Lenovo's "sunshine Service" in the industrial control industry, and you can enjoy their sunshine service wherever there is sunshine. All products of Tiangong industrial control are free of charge for three years, and door-to-door service is provided

4. From brand advantage to technical advantage. "Tiangong industrial control" rapidly improved the industrial control product line. According to Mr. Huang, Tiangong industrial control currently has a single board computer series, industrial backplane series, security product series, KVM series, industrial control chassis series, human-machine interface HMI series, portable computer series, complete computer series and industrial computer accessories series, etc

5. Strengthen the "uniqueness" in the field of industrial control. One click recovery technology realizes the "uniqueness" of industrial control. Tiangong industrial control will continue to play a special cooperative relationship with Lenovo to transplant the "uniqueness" of commercial PCs to the industrial control market, so that the industrial control industry can enjoy the "Lenovo level" intimate service. Tiangong industrial control pays attention to strengthening the communication with upstream suppliers to develop competitive products that better meet the market demand

the future trend of Tiangong industrial control

on site interview

Tiangong industrial control will be transplanted from the unique functions of Lenovo commercial PC to the field of industrial control

hmi, embedded industrial control host and military switcher have been successfully applied to the civil market

Tiangong industrial control absorbs the advantages of its predecessors in the industrial control industry and learns from the new technology of Lenovo commercial PC to realize innovation in the industrial control field. Tiangong industrial control has entered the high-end market to achieve high integration of products, reduce the time for customers to choose, realize the compatibility of product functions and effectively control costs, and inherit the tradition of high cost performance of Tiangong industrial control

2006 Tiangong industrial control "customer activity day"

Tiangong industrial control attaches importance to communication with the media, and reports and publicizes the trends of Tiangong industrial control through print media and integrated network media. In 2006, Tiangong industrial control plans to tour 8 cities across the country. Different from other manufacturers, the exhibition tour of Tiangong industrial control is called "customer activity day", from which we can see the importance Tiangong industrial control attaches to customers

as the largest OEM manufacturer in China, QDI has strong R & D capabilities and rich product lines. It can no longer rise after loading a certain load, and can meet the needs of various users. In this event, QDI will show a number of new motherboards supporting Intel CPU, including p5i915ip, p5i915g, p5i915pl, p5i915gvmd, p5i915gl, p5i865pe, etc. Among them, QDI 915gv motherboard will also be sold at a special price of 555 yuan during the tour. It is believed that Cordia (QDI) 2005 new clothes release and national tour activities will certainly bring more surprises to the industry. In 2014, there were 72 resin, pigment and composite acquisition transactions in the United States

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