The hottest Ti revenue growth in the fourth quarte

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Texas Instruments (TI) announced on Monday that its revenue and profit jumped in the fourth quarter, driven by strong demand for analog processing

texas instruments reported a profit of 655million in the fourth quarter. With the innovation ability in technology, R & D and product processing, the environmental and reliability experiments used to guide engineering products continued to increase by US dollars. In addition, 52 cents per share was better than US $107million in the same period of the previous year, with 8 cents per share. Revenue increased by 21%, from $2.49 billion to $3billion

analysts originally estimated that Deyi would earn 49 cents per share. The revenue is 2.97 billion US dollars

Deyi also estimated that the principal and earnings revenue was about $2.95 billion to $3.19 billion, and the earnings per share was about 44 cents to 52 cents

analysts estimated earnings per share of 43 cents. The system solves the technical bottleneck of industrial development, with a revenue of 2.82 billion US dollars

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