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Ti Hall effect magnetic sensor further expands the camp of sensing technology products

on May 26, 2014, Beijing News recently, Ti announced the launch of Hall effect magnetic sensor suitable for position detection and motor control, which can display the results through digital display or PC and other industrial applications, further expanding its camp of motor solutions and sensing technology products. The highly reliable and fully protected drv5000 sensor series includes digital latches, switches and analog bipolar output options, and supports applications such as brushless DC (BLDC) motor control, home security, industrial valve and damper position sensors, speed and position control loops, and flow meters. For more details or order, please click here

drv5000 Hall effect sensor series belongs to TI's growing sensing technology product series, which includes the industry's first inductive to digital converter, as well as sensors and signal conditioning solutions for temperature, current, pressure, occupancy, optical detection and other applications

drv5000 series features and advantages:

applicable to a wide range of applications: amplitude limiting self stabilizing device series, including digital latches, switches and analog bipolar output options, supporting applications from 2.5V to 38V

high reliability: all devices include reverse power protection function up to -22v, which can withstand transient voltage up to 40V

can be used in existing designs: the 3-pin devices provided in two industry standard packages are compatible with the existing design architecture

temperature stability: magnetic sensitivity changes very little with temperature, and can support the temperature range of -40c to 150C

in this way, the service life of the equipment can be extended. In order to cooperate with the release of the sensor, Ti has also launched two reference designs in the reference design library, which can simplify and accelerate the design of motor driver circuit board. Both designs support drv5013 Hall effect sensors, new drv8307/drv8308 BLDC preamplifiers, and three csd88537nd 60-v dual nexfet power MOSFETs, as well as other required circuits, which can help engineers with rapid pneumatic design. In many cases, micro controllers are not even required.

the new hall effect magnetic sensor series complements ti's broad range of sensor technology products, It strengthens our ability to provide strong solutions for click control. With the promotion of more and more small-scale applications, we promise to provide a perfect click solution for industry, automobiles and household appliances

12v and 24V brushless DC motor reference design: use 6cm drv8307 BLDC controller, door driver and driving power to lower and rotate. This design supports 8.5V to 32V and 5.2a, but you need to configure a regulated power supply to support specific system requirements after simple modification

reference design of 24V brushless DC motor supporting speed control: drv8308 BLDC controller, closed-loop speed control door driver can maintain accurate rotation frequency per minute during the whole movement process. Without microcontroller or hardware, intelligent sinusoidal current driver can minimize noise, and torque fluctuation can maximize motor performance

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