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On February 5, zhengshanglong, deputy general manager of the state machinery Heavy Industry Group Corporation, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and general manager of the Tiangong academy, and other relevant leaders joined the staff representatives to express condolences to the retired veteran cadres, retired party members, model workers, and extremely poor families of the Tiangong Academy, bringing them the care and warmth of the group company and extending holiday greetings

Tian Gong Yuan carried out the activity of sending warmth in the Spring Festival

in the process of condolences, President Zheng and his delegation learned about the life and physical health of employees in difficulties in detail, listened carefully to their opinions and suggestions, and encouraged them to weigh a certain weight: 30kg to build confidence in overcoming difficulties and diseases, and sent them condolences gold, edible oil, rice and other condolences. The interviewees expressed their gratitude and wished the group company greater success in the new year

it takes about 450 kilometers of electroplated diamond wire to produce 1MW of crystalline silicon plate

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