The 27th new products Expo of aluminum doors, wind

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The booth margin of the 27th windows new products exhibition of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls is less than 16%

the booth margin of the 27th windows new products exhibition of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls is less than 16%

September 22, 2020

September 16, 2020, the 27th windows new products exhibition of aluminum doors, windows and curtain walls officially opened online for space grabbing. As of September 18, the booth margin has been less than 16%

the booth margin is less than 16%

smart/hardware exhibition area

in just two hours, the smart/hardware exhibition area was snapped up. At the 2021 exhibition site, famous hardware enterprises at home and abroad: Jianlang, hehe, xingsamsung, Chunguang, Huiyu and other big brands gathered together to paint

scope of exhibits: Curtain Wall Hardware (the only one in China), door and window hardware, door hardware, appearance hardware, embedded functional hardware, load-bearing hardware, a complete set of hardware systems, smart home

equipment exhibition area

at present, the equipment exhibition area has also been sold out, and the exhibition area gathers well-known equipment enterprises such as Tianchen, metalworking, jinmaida, tomorrow star, deli, etc

scope of exhibits: profile processing equipment, glass processing equipment, cutting tools, curtain wall equipment, door and window processing equipment until the hardness value obtained for two consecutive times is the same, various equipment accessories, etc.

doors and windows, curtain walls, profiles, refractories have expanded the impact performance experiment of materials, and a larger space has been expanded.

leading enterprises in the industry have entered

aluminum profiles: Xingfa, Jianmei, fengaluminum, Huajian, Jinpeng, Haomei, Gaodeng, Weiye, Huachang, Dongliang, etc

surface spraying: Aksu, DSM, Nippon, Huajia, jiacaicai, Huajiang, Lichang, tuyi, etc

fire resistant: King Kong, Jinwei, shidavao, Xinyuan, Hengbao, Boan, Tebo Jiangbo, jimec, feimusheng

scope of exhibits:

doors and windows - system doors and windows, fire-resistant doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, intelligent doors and windows, villa custom doors and windows, door and window management system

profiles - aluminum profiles, bridge cutoff aluminum, aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum wood profiles, stainless steel profiles, plastic steel profiles, composite profiles

thermal insulation - bridge breaking aluminum thermal insulation strip, PA66 thermal insulation strip, nylon thermal insulation strip, corner glue and other thermal insulation materials

surface treatment - aluminum surface treatment, architectural coating, powder coating

structural adhesive exhibition area

China's largest architectural structural adhesive exhibition Ping Luo Yifeng, director of the national special synthetic carbon fiber information center: Dow, Baiyun, Jitai, Sibao, Hangzhou Zhijiang, Fenfa, Yongan and other brands have gathered

exhibition scope: structural adhesive, polyurethane, silicone adhesive, glass adhesive, foam adhesive, silane modified sealant, environmental protection adhesive, waterproof adhesive, two-component structural adhesive, acrylic adhesive, Ms adhesive, pneumatic glue gun, electric glue extrusion tool

exhibition publicity · official launch

in addition to the above-mentioned old holes, many new exhibitors joined windows this year as an exhibition with the main function of releasing new products, Wonder organizing committee will strictly select good new products and technologies for buyers. Welcome powerful brand enterprises to participate in the following official publicity activities:

concurrent activities: immediately participate in brand promotion

the same period of the exhibition [at world architectural design and Technological Innovation Conference], which is China's largest annual event in the construction industry. The world's top celebrities shared the latest cases and technologies, attracting 3000 + developers, engineering units and architects in three days

2020 [at conference] wonderful review:

partners @2020 main forum

partners @2020 sub forum

partners @2020 sub forum

2021at world architectural design and Technological Innovation Conference

Advertising Reservation: seize official resources immediately

attract audiences: Online + offline Omni channel matrix coverage

original program: architecture is new

* please contact your account manager for advertising reservation. Customers who booked advertisements in the previous exhibition have priority

online exhibition area: immediately promote new products

log in to the official website of windows, improve the information of new products and other relevant materials, and enter the list of exhibitors of the Expo

participate in free online promotion, with an annual flow of 2million + official websites, 100000 + professional fans, and official promotion

mysterious exhibition area, dedicated to "new" Zhizhi

"new exhibition of windows doors, windows and curtain walls" for 27 years, is committed to promoting the development of the industry and focusing on the exposure of new products. A "mysterious exhibition area" will be specially set up at the 2021 exhibition to avoid personnel mistakes. What will be the surprise display for everyone? Let's wait and see

window 27th new exhibition of doors, windows and curtain walls

there are only a few good seats left at present

if you are interested in booking a booth

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