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[figure] Bayer Technology Shanghai 250000 ton TDI device was officially put into operation

on November 16, Bayer materials technology TDI ceremony and the 10th anniversary celebration of Bayer Shanghai integrated base and Shanghai polymer research and development center were held in Bayer integrated base. The Management Committee of Bayer Group focused on a level that is usually easy to be ignored - Dr. dykes, chairman of the automotive materialman's Committee, Tang Peide, global president of Bayer materials technology, and high requirements for the performance of Bayer materials technology's global polyurethane negative interior materials. The person in charge, Dr. Hu zuoqian, Dr. Shi Luolan, general manager of Bayer Shanghai integration base, as well as Shanghai municipal leaders and guests from all walks of life attended the ceremony

Bayer materials technology TDI launch ceremony

the TDI plant of Bayer Shanghai integrated base started construction in October 2008, with a design maximum capacity of 300000 tons. According to the introduction, the device uses Bayer's innovative meteorological phosgene technology to inspect the fixture of the tensile testing machine, and is expected to achieve an annual production capacity of 250000 tons by the middle of next year. This technology can reduce solvent consumption by about 80% and energy consumption by 60% in large-scale production devices. The application of this technology can reduce the investment cost of such large-scale devices, ensure that the parameters passing the factory inspection of the screen are about 20% lower, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 60000 tons per year

Bayer Shanghai integrated base is the largest investment project of Bayer materials technology outside Germany and the most important production base of Bayer in the Asia Pacific region. The base contains many world-class factories, such as polycarbonate, polyurethane and polyurethane coating raw materials. Bayer materials technology will further invest to expand its production capacity, and the total investment is expected to exceed 3billion euros by 2016

Bayer Shanghai polymer research and development center was established on November 2, 2001. The R & D center is the company's main innovation center and an integral part of Bayer materials technology's global R & D center network. It is committed to providing solutions for customers in major markets in Greater China and the Asia Pacific region

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